―RazorCUTz are never held, they are worn ... allowing your artistic vision to transform hair into flowing sculpture ... painlessly, perfectly and precisely―


NEW Technology!
Now the fastest selling shears in Beauty industry history!  RazorCUTz-AT/M Model shears have shattered the technology barriers of the past 35 years. 

NEW Blades!
RazorCUTz NEW cutting edges eliminate 99.3% of the nicks suffered by all other shears AND remain sharp for an average of 18 months!

NEW Designs!
RazorCUTz-AT/M Models have won acclaim throughout American and European markets.  Stylists note over 500% improvement in speed, comfort, control and balance compared to other shears!

Buy Factory DIRECT!
Kagawa is the world’s ONLY manufacturer willing to sell DIRECT to stylists.  WHY?  RazorCUTz-AT/M’s WORK!  When you buy RazorCUTz, you are buying directly from the factory!

NEW Sharpening!
DiamondHONE Sharpening is the most advanced sharpening technology ever brought to market.  All brands of shears can now have the same cutting edge technology found on RazorCUTz … And the improved performance!

FDA registered, approved and clinically certified, RazorCUTz-AT/M Models eliminate 100% of the shear related repetitive motion injuries all other shears are proven to cause.

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